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The first time when I entered a supermarket in Copenhagen I immediately asked myself a question: “Are these people so patriotic or is it the National Day today?”. The reason for this question was a fully staffed by national flags the store entrance that as I realized later had meant that this, this and that fruit or vegetable was grown in Denmark….

The country of origin effect is a long and widely discussed topic. However, the trend of Consumer’s Ethnocentrism is still growing and companies can continue to stress that it’s wrong to purchase foreign made products.

Consumer Ethnocentrism is growing in Western European countries and can be observed in the USA and Canada. Consumers in these countries believe that products can be trusted only from the local origin, that is especially relevant for food categories but is starting to go also outside…

So, it’s important to continue investigations of this trend in your product category and either utilize it for communications in different channels in case of the local production or identify the ways how your product can be attributed to it.

Made_in_productsSource:http:// civileats. com/ 2016/01/22/5-food -systems-lessons-the-u-s-can-learn-from-denmark/

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