Negative Digital Feedback

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Constantly evolving impact of Zero Moment of Truth on consumers decision making is strengthening a focus of marketers on consumers feedback shared in Digital. This high attention has led many marketers to a belief that negative feedback prevents growth in consumers penetration.

However, scientific studies in this area address these beliefs in a different way. Thus, research of Winchester et al (2006) shows that “current brand users are more likely to express negative beliefs than those who have never tried the product”. This notion leads  authors to the conclusion that negative beliefs “may not be used for rejection prior to choice, but rather are developed after using a brand as a result of experiencing negative qualities of that brand” (Winchester et al, 2008).

Hence, negative feedback that consumers share in Digital doesn’t mean that companies won’t be able to drive penetration and recruit new consumers. For sure, possibility to increase penetration is linked with the type of the category- whether it’s a high or low involvement category and the amount of negative feedback that is available for consumers’ consideration in the Zero Moment of Truth.

But still various studies show that consumers exposure to negative consumers feedback in eCommerce doesn’t lead to significant decline in the purchase (Ammon, 2015).

Importantly, a study of Winchester et al (2008) also shows that both types of consumers- who stay with the brand and who have just become a customer may have the stable level of negative beliefs (21% vs 19% for stayers and 10% vs 10% for new customers). In that case in order to keep the penetration level stable and avoid a significant consumer retention, a company should primary focus on the Second Moment of Truth (as it managers to increase consumer base even with comparatively high level of negative beliefs).

To sum up, marketers should continue empowering both Zero and Second Moment of Truth to drive brand awareness and consumers loyalty respectively. At the same time, creating a strategy to drive consumers penetration, marketers shouldn’t consider as a core barrier available negative consumers feedback (in case of its reasonable level for a category considering the level of consumers engagement).

Negative Digital Feedback

Source: http:// evolvedigitalagency. com/ respond-negative-follower-feedback-reviews/

Sources: 1. Winchester et al (2008). Positive and negative brand beliefs and brand defection/ uptake. European Journal of Marketing, vol. 42 (5/6) pp. 553-570. 2. Ammon (2015). Why negative reviews are still a big eCommerce win/

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