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Thinking about a new communication campaign we usually expect it be catchy and leading consumers to go to a store to buy our product.

But how do consumers in general terms perceive our communication?

Recently I’ve read a book on the popular today Positive Psychology. Initially I didn’t expect to find where something relevant for this blog. However, one of those ideas has a big relevance to my everyday work.

Thus, working on a new campaign I believe it’s important to remember that “we all go through three psychological states in response to exposure: curiosity, recognition, and decision” (Gielan, 2015).

So, it looks to be quite a long way from seeing our communication to taking a trip to a store. But there is one more important point that we should keep in mind: “usually people don’t even “see” an advertisement for the first three times, and it’s only by the fifth time that it permeates their conscious brain” (Gielan, 2015).

Well, it makes everything really complicated! For sure marketers know that we should keep a substantial amount of GRPs on TV, for instance, to get those 5 exposures… And for it we should definitely know how often this particular touch point is used by our consumers, I mean to have enough chances to be seen those 5 times…

Or another solution might be a multichannel communication that is becoming nowadays widely utilized by companies.  And this is exactly what will allow to have a mix of communication channels, keep the same communication message and visuals, and get desired 5 hits probably even faster.

One of my favorite examples here is P&G “Thank you, Mom!” campaign that is widely used multichannel communication to deliver its message. The picture below shows a strong mix of TV and different Digital channels. Moreover, the company actively used in-store communication sticking to the same message and visuals. It was a huge success from which we can definitely learn a lot!



Source: Gielan, M. (2015). Broadcasting Hapiness: the Science of Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change. BenBella Books, Dallas

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