ESOMAR World Congress 2017 – Key Trends in Marketing Research

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1. Social Listening with Picture Analysis

Social Listening continues to be a valuable research tool for many companies. However, companies more and more face a need to investigate what kind of data can be collected in what social media platform. Therefore, before doing any listening exercise it’s very important to make an initial social media mapping.

Conducting Social Listening analysis, it can be highly beneficial to start with understanding the following three main domains:



One more trend in the Social Listening domain is a combination of word and picture analysis. The picture below outlines the area of insights that can come from word analytics and the process how picture analysis can be done.



Overall, combination of text and image analytics allows to understand the industry, consumption and social trends.

Social Listening can be also empowered via education of consumers on the right hashtags, that can help to collect consumer feedback and react promptly on it.

2. Mobile Research of Consumer Touchpoints

Mobile studies continue to evolve and companies use mobile studies more and more to investigate consumers touchpoints. Thus, consumers may be asked to share what they eat and drink or send a picture of the consumption experience. Here it’s very important to ask less questions and benefit more from consumers descriptions of what they are doing.

Video recordings via smartphones can be also highly beneficial here: in-store for research of product placement and comparison of different brands; in-home for the understanding of the Second Moment of Truth that includes product taste, texture and associated emotions.

3. Advanced Analytics and Data Quality

Nowadays, data is coming from everywhere and researchers should pay much attention to its quality. Thus, for instance, implementing advanced analytics techniques, it’s important to determine data that will be and won’t be used for a test and also separate data that is used to build a model from the test data.

It’s also highly beneficial to consider connected propositions in advanced data analytics – when data is gathered from different sources that are usually used by different corporate functions.

It can be also valuable to consider some alternative sources of data and research methodologies, e.g. Google developed an advanced Marketing Mix Modelling capability to help their clients, big research agencies do a lot of experimentations with research start-ups.

4. Insights Business Impact

For insights professionals it’s very important to build strong business acumen. First, in order to be able to calculate ROI/ SOP behind the business question. Secondly, to deliver insights in the right moment and select the right format for it (e.g. workshops with multifunctional teams).

Bringing the multifunctional team in the shoes of consumers via different types of ethnographic studies continues to be very inspirational for the whole multifunctional team across the organizations.


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