Bringing Multisensory Consumer Experience into Strategic Marketing Agenda

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I continue my discovery of the multisensory consumer experience and its importance for the marketing strategy. Here I’m very pleased to share a conversation with Ludovic Depoortere, Founder of Haystack – Multisensory Research Consultancy, where we discuss how to bring Multisensorial Consumer Experience into Marketing Mix strategy.

A lot of companies are still considering product only from a tactical perspective. However, in order to achieve a success in multisensory marketing, it is really important to investigate the whole Marketing Mix.

Methodology developed by Haystack called “The Symphony of Senses” allows companies to develop a congruent offering across the whole Marketing Mix and activate sensory strategy across all consumer touch points.

During the conversation Ludovic also shares his ideas on how to make sensory insights a strong connection point between Marketing and R&D in an organisation.

We also discussed when it’s critical to start product innovation instead of continuing renovation activities, and how research on crossmodal interaction can help companies to identify the best way of doing it.

At the end Ludovic concludes that predictability of sensory insights is still a big challenge for insights professionals and to achieve a significant step change in this domain, it’s critical to connect sensory data with other available information like market shares, marketing mix modelling and social media data.

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