Conference Highlights “Social Intelligence World 2018”

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In the last year Social Intelligence has experienced a very broad spectrum of challenges and opportunities for the further development. The Social Intelligence World Conference has created a great platform for the discussion of the latest industry trends in more details. 

Overall, Social Intelligence continues to provide highly valuable insights to organizations among three research domains:  Track Behavior, Listen and Ask. 

However, despite a lot of research already done with the use of the Social Listening, one of its key questions continue to stay unanswered: “how to connect the Survey Brand Equity and the Digital Brand Equity?”. Is the Survey Brand Equity the same as the Digital Brand Equity? Do they track different aspects of the brand equity?

From my perspective, there is still no universal answer to these questions, and companies looking for the answer should from one side evaluate their overall media plan and priorities and from another side assess important limitations in the Social Intelligence tools which are still not addressed by the research companies (see my previous post Create the most impactful approach to your Social Listening program).

Moreover, research companies themselves start speaking more and more about various types of the Social networks, many of which can’t be covered by Social Listening tools (e.g. closed networks like Messages).


Some other watch outs related with the Social Intelligence still stay acute and should be taken into account as potential research limitations. 

The first one is related with the potential differences in the profiles of people who post and who read and believe the information shared. The second one is linked with the type of the information shared on the different platforms. Evaluation of these differences can enable companies to make prioritization and keep focus on the specific channels for the analysis and development of the business recommendations. 

During the Conference I have also shared my experience and insights on how to leverage Social Intelligence to drive business decision-making.

My presentation has been based on the importance of the understanding of the business cycle and its associated business questions (see more details in the blog post Create the most impactful approach to your Social Listening program)I have also showed that Social Intelligence allows to address a broad scope of the business questions which eventually cover the whole business cycle. 

As one of the presenters have also noticed during the Conference: “Social Intelligence can help to landscape various consumer moments: occasions, needs and motivations”. Moreover, Social Intelligence allows to do it in the form of both qualitative and quantitative research.


During my presentation I have also highlighted the importance of the broad deployment of the Social Intelligence tools and capabilities to the whole organization. From one side this allows to find strong capability supporters, from another side it can help to establish a strong contributors network (e.g. Community Managers from different countries).

Success of the Social Intelligence in the organization can be also supported by a strong link between research projects that benefit from Social Listening methodology and other research projects in the learning plan. Other studies in the learning plan can enable researchers: 1) to develop holistic insights; 2) to verify the insights and recommendations that come from Social Listening, taking into account its limitations.

To sum up, I can provide the following recommendations: 1) use Social Intelligence to address various business questions; 2) consider the limitations of the data that come from the Social Listening related with the platforms coverage and different user profiles; 3) treat Social Intelligence as a part of the overall learning plan.

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