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In this post I continue sharing some outlines from the book “The Boots & The Tower. Actionable Market Research” written by O. Mahmoud.

Reading the book I have remembered a recent conversation with a senior leader from one of the biggest technology companies who told me that “due to the specifics of their industry” they call business recommendations as “insights”. Hopefully, the company will decide to reconsider this definition soon.

Thus, O. Mahmoud (2006) provides in his book a very useful “The 5 T Test” that helps to better understand and define a strong insight

The picture below outlines the key pillars of the 5 T Test:


Adopted from Mahmoud (2006)

I believe that these pillars of the strong insights can be used across various industries as a helpful checklist to understand whether something can be called as an insight or not. 

Whether the insight is True can be easily found while talking to consumers. Their non-verbal reaction will say everything for themselves – “they will lean forward, smile, their eye pupils will widen” (Mahmoud, 2006). 

Being Tacit insight is uttered only by very few people, especially in a way it’s formulated.  

Insight is Touching as it usually combines both emotional and rational reactions of consumers to it. Insight becomes reflected in the consumers smile or laugh as well as in the verbal feedback like “Yes… This is something that I know very well”.

Insight involves some Tension that often breaks a common trade-off like a high quality food can’t be cheap. 

And, of cause, insight Triggers action, it should be something what a brand or a product can use to act on in the marketing plans or product innovation. 

Sources: Mahmoud, O. (2006). The Boots & The Tower. Actionable Market Research. [pdf].

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