nadia-morozova_4An idea to create this site came to me in 2014. At that time I spent a fascinating summer in Copenhagen where I participated in Summer University organized by Copenhagen Business School.

Actually, those summer working on my assignment for Consumer Behavior class I got impressed by the fact how many business questions on which I was working on at that time in Procter&Gamble I can answer without additional spending of valuable resources.

Those feeling that I received “working from home” at the Business School’s library step changed my perception of my every day work as a Consumer and Market Knowledge Manager.

I started thinking much more critical both on what I’m working on and on what I’m reading outside my working time. That allowed me to build a lot of valuable bridges between these two areas.

Results impressed me and I decided to share my inspiration with others.

So, I decided to create this blog where I would like to share ideas with others. They can come from you and from my reading, everyday experience, conferences and workshops.

To outline, objectives of this site are:

  • Share broad set of ideas and experiences with Insights & Marketing professionals.
  • Connect Consumer & Market Insights Professionals across the Globe.
  • Make Consumer & Market Insights more actionable for business.
  • Enhance a link between theoretical Consumer Knowledge and its Marketing Application.