Behavioral Science that empowers Product Innovation

Today I would like to introduce the conversation that I had the great privilege to conduct with Dr. Helena Rubinstein – Head of Behavioral Science at Innovia Technology.

This interview provides a great set of insights around Behavioral Science and its application to consumer behavior & decision making.

Also, Dr. Helena Rubinstein shares her experience on how product innovation research can be amplified by the academic knowledge and what research methods & approaches can be extremely helpful for the in-depth understanding of consumer behavior.

How to step-change survey engagement

One more video interview in the blog! Today I would like to share the conversation I had the privilege to conduct with Betty Adamou – CEO and Founder of Research Through Gaming.

Betty is a recognized expert in the development and design of Gamified Surveys and ResearchGames.

This interview sheds light on the key advantages of Gamified Surveys and ResearchGames, their impact on the respondents engagement & the quality of responses for open ended questions.

Getting consumer insights as real as possible

Today I would like to introduce the first video in this blog – an interview with Anouar El Haji, Founder and CEO of the company called Veylinx.

Being a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, Anouar developed a very disruptive idea for Marketing Research – using an auction process for the development of pricing strategy, concept screening, claim testing and product evaluation.

In the interview we’ve discussed this idea in more details as well as some business cases.

Anouar also shared his respective on how to leverage academic knowledge for the business development.