My mission is to empower research, analytics & insights professionals on their career journey

Coaching Sessions

How to develop and deliver highly impactful research, analytics and insights projects

We will review your business questions and research objectives, and based on this I will guide you through different stages of the project, making sure that it has both methodological rigour and actionable business recommendations.

How to best prepare for a career transition within research, analytics and insights

We will review your career objectives and challenges and identify the most effective ways to address them. We will identify and find the best approach to address the most critical gaps in knowledge, skills and experience. These sessions will be suitable when you change industry, go to client side, consider getting a PhD or move from an academic to industry track.

Team Training

Development and implementation of research & analytics learning agendas

At the end of the training participants will: 1) gain specific knowledge on how to create learning agendas from scratch; 2) receive practical skills on how to translate business questions into research questions and hypotheses; 3) build an understanding of how to design a holistic framework for a Learning Agenda; 4) get clarity on the communication flows with business stakeholders during the design and implementation of learning agendas.

How to build successful partnerships with your business stakeholders

At the end of the training participants will: 1) gain knowledge on how to build and maintain successful partnerships with business stakeholders; 2) receive practical skills on handling complex situations with stakeholders; 3) build an understanding of how to conduct spheres of influence mapping and why they are foundational for building strong partnerships with stakeholders; 4) get clarity on situations and applications of the power of “Yes” and the power of “No’.

What’s next?

1. Get in touch via the contact form

Describe in detail your question and your expectations. We can agree on the next steps via e-mail, messenger or a free initial 15 mins call.

2. Find the right time and approach

Depending on your needs we’ll find the best approach for you. It can be a 25 min or 50 min coaching session (packages are available) or a training session for your team.

3. Pay for the session

Coaching sessions need to be pre-paid. Cancellation is free up to 24 hours before the session.


This was brilliant! So inspirational and straightforward. You shared so much energy with the room and provided a lot of inspiration for us to think about shopper behaviour from a very different angle. This is something that we are going to apply in our conversations with e-commerce clients.

Chief Executive Officer, MediaCom

It’s so interesting to see how different research methodologies get applied jointly and so fluently to find a holistic answer for the research question. It’s a great example of how a complex mix methods research can be set up.

Global Head of Insights, Pinterest

Very holistic picture and very interesting story which uncovers the key insights from the research project.

Head of Consumer & Market Insights, L’Oréal

This can definitely strengthen our global e-commerce strategy. Thank you a lot for sharing these in-depth insights.

Global Marketing Manager, Reckitt

I have finally made the decision to apply for my PhD.

PhD Candidate at the University of Westminster