Qual 360 Conference Highlights: Part III – research to drive a business impact

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In the last part of my Qual 360 Conference Highlights I would like to focus on the core discussed ideas on how to make consumer insights able to drive a business impact.

Blending of various research methods can allow to get holistic consumer insights that can be further utilized for a story telling. Blending of consumer research methods represents a strong combination of different research methods rather than execution of two parallel studies.

Research methods blending includes a combination of online and offline research. It can be used for instance to understand consumer journeys. One case that was presented during the Conference included face to face interviews where different stages of the journey were elaborated and online quantitative regressive story telling on what’s happened during the journey.

Another type of research methods blending includes a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. It can also utilize different communication tools like on-line panels and qualitative phone interviews, where on top can be discussed pictures or videos.

Standard qualitative and qualitative research methods can be also combined with ‘fast and easy’ research approaches like mobile research or webcam interviews.  Additionally can be leveraged big or real time data.

On top of using blended research methods, there are other opportunities to drive business impact from consumer research:

– use videos for the results presentation;

– utilize innovation research methods;

– do a workshop with business partners before a research, build hypothesis together and then check what was right and wrong;

– empower the ways of research results presentation, e.g. using actors who can play out the key insights;

– add ‘fast and easy’ research approaches to the standard set of research methods.


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